Market entry (UAE)

  • Provide general or specific intelligence related to the UAE market. Assist foreign companies in UAE market entry strategy
  • Assist in setting up legal entities in UAE
  • Provide logistical support
  • Performance Improvement – Finance

  • Focussed Finance diagnostic studies
  • Development and review of Finance
  • policies and procedures

  • Assessing practices relating to Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Performance Improvement –HR

  • Focussed HR diagnostic studies
  • Assessment of organisation and grading structure
  • Review of HR policies and procedures
  • Employee 360 degree assessment
  • Performance Improvement –Procurement

  • Focussed Procurement diagnostic studies
  • Assess the entire gamut of policies and procedures relating to General Administration
  • Review the P2P (Procure to Pay) cycle

    Performance Improvement –Communication

  • Focussed Communication diagnostic studies
  • Assess the entire gamut of policies and procedures relating to Corporate Communication
  • Assess the efficacy of the advertising spend

    Public Policy and Regulatory

  • Providing advice on existing regulatory and government policies
  • Providing inputs on handling regulatory issues
  • Run liaison efforts with regulatory bodies
  • Assess effect of change in policy on business operations

    Risk Management

  • Assess the adequacy of existing risk management practices of the company
  • Develop comprehensive risk manual for the company – at entity and process level
  • Review existing disaster management and business continuity plans

    Corporate Governance

  • Assess corporate governance at Board , Committee and executive
  • Assess internal / audit related practices
  • Assess Board committees and their mandate
  • Review disclosure and reporting of governance issues

    Technology – IT Strategy, Digital Transformation, ERP

  • Assess the IT strategy of the company and review alignment with the strategic objectives of the company
  • Review the quality of ERP implementation and assist in improvements

    CEO / CFO office advisory

  • Fixed term advisory to CEO / CFO office
  • Secondment based projects
  • Special purpose projects run by CEO / CFO office
  • Confidential and sensitive assessments

    Awards and Recognition

  • Running the Project Office for Government excellence awards
  • Initial assessment and long-list of improvements
  • Monitoring and implementation
  • Long term improvement projects

    Project Management Office

  • Set up and running of special purpose project management office
  • ERP implementation / rollout
  • Change management projects
  • Employee reorganisation
  • Project reporting to management

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